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HiKOKI CV18DBL/JM Multi-Tool 18V Cordless Brushless - 2 X 3Ah - Charger

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HiKOKI CV18DBL/JM Multi-Tool 18V Cordless Brushless - 2 X 3Ah - Charger

From Hitachi comes their latest products under the new HiKOKI name.

The CV18DBL Multi-Tool from HiKOKI has the next generation of brushless motor developed from user needs and HiKOKI's original technology. The motor features large FETs and highly durable electronic circuitry and also improved dust and water resistance. The maintenence free motor has up to 50% longer runtime per charge and is compatible with all HiKOKI 18V batteries (not supplied). Comes packed in a cardboard carton and is supplied with a sanding pad with 5 sanding sheets and 2 blades.

Longer Battery Life

Upto 50% increased run time per battery for more work with less downtime

Increased Durability

High tool durability via low friction motor, which produces less heat

Increased Power and Performance

Thanks to improved electrical efficiency and power transfer


  • Easy tool-less accessory change
  • Compact body for easier use in confined spaces
  • Multi-angle blade setting adjustable in 30° steps
  • 37 types of accessories are available separately
  • Oscillation frequency selection dial


  • Battery Voltage: 18V
  • Oscillation Frequency:
  • Standard Mode (Dial 1-5): 6000-20000/min
  • AUTO Mode (Dial A): 15000-20000/min
  • Oscillation Angle: 3.2°
  • Overall Length: 307mm

Kit Includes

  • 1 x CV18DBL/W4 Multi-Tool Bare Unit
  • 2 X 3.0Ah Batteries
  • 1 X UC18YFSL Charger

Information from the manufacturer

Interim lock mechanism makes accessory change more secure

CV18DBL - Interim lock mechanism

Equipped with Our original AUTO Mode - It lowers vibration and noise during no-load operation, making blade positioning easier.

Dual mode Settings : Standard Mode and AUTO Mode

  • Standard Mode : You can change the oscillation frequency between 6,000/min and 20,000/min by dial.
  • AUTO Mode*1 : Depending on the workload, the oscillation frequency is changed to 15,000/min or 20,000/min.

CV18DBL - Oscillation frequency selection dial

Mode Dial Oscillation Frequency
Standard Mode 1 - 5 6,000 - 20,000/min
AUTO Mode*1 A No load : 15,000/min
With load : 20,000/min

Best in class longer runtime per charge *2

Achieved by the high efficiency brushless motor and high capacity 5.0Ah Lithium-ion batteries.

CV18DBL - Runtime per charge

Shortest in its class : Over all length 307mm

Compact size for easy handling.  CV18DBL - Shortest in its class over all length 307mm

All-rounder with versatility

37 types of accessories are available for various applications including flush cutting, plunge cutting, scraping and sanding.

CV18DBL - 37 different accessories for flush cutting, plunge cutting, scraping, sanding and grinding






CV18DBL - Flush cutting of door jambs CV18DBL - Plunge cutting in plasterboard CV18DBL - Cutting copper (metal) pipes *4 CV18DBL - Flush cutting of screws/nails *4 CV18DBL - Routing joints on tiles

Flush cutting of door jambs

Plunge cutting in plasterboard

Cutting copper (metal) pipes *4

Flush cutting of screws/nails *4

Routing joints on tiles






CV18DBL - Cutting tiles CV18DBL - Coarse-sanding of wood CV18DBL - Removing mortar/adhesive CV18DBL - Removing sealants CV18DBL - Removing caulk/sealants

Cutting tiles

Coarse-sanding of wood

Removing mortar/adhesive

Removing sealants

Removing caulk/sealants






CV18DBL - Sanding wood CV18DBL - Cutting polystyrene CV18DBL - Cutting soft plastics CV18DBL - Corner cutting CV18DBL - Cutting carpets

Sanding wood

Cutting polystyrene

Cutting soft plastics

Corner cutting

Cutting carpets

  • 1 - The oscillation frequency may not reach 20,000/min or return to 15,000/min depending on operating conditions and types of accessories.
  • 2 - As of October 2014. Among the 14.4V/18V cor dless multi tools made by leading power tool manufacturers. (surveyed by Koki Holdings.)
  • 3 - The values are for purpose of reference. They may vary according to the states of batteries and operating conditions.
  • 4 - These blades may not be sufficient to cut certain materials such as thick copper (metal) pipes or quenched nails.

Userfriendly and convenient features

CV18DBL - Built-in LED light, Small grip circumference, Convenient tool box