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Is HiKOKI and Hitachi the Same? - An Insight into a Major Rebranding in Power Tools

Is HiKOKI and Hitachi the Same? - An Insight into a Major Rebranding in Power Tools

When it comes to power tools, two names that often come up are HiKOKI and Hitachi. Despite their distinct branding, many wonder if these two are the same. To answer this query, it's essential to delve into the history and corporate changes behind these brands.

The Transition from Hitachi to HiKOKI

  1. The Rebranding: HiKOKI is, in fact, the new brand name for Hitachi's power tools. In a significant rebranding move, Hitachi's power tools, which started their journey in 1948, transitioned to the HiKOKI brand​. This change symbolizes more than just a new name; it marks a new era in the company's long-standing history of manufacturing robust and reliable power tools.

  2. The Acquisition and Name Change: The transition began when KKR, a private equity firm, acquired Hitachi Koki in 2017. Subsequently, Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd. announced that it would change its corporate name to Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. This transformation included rebranding all its power tools under the HiKOKI name, effective June 1, 2018​​.

  3. Global Impact and Interchangeability: Despite the rebranding, it's important to note that Hitachi and HiKOKI branded power tools, accessories, batteries, chargers, and spare parts remain fully interchangeable​. This compatibility assures users of the continued quality and reliability that they have come to expect from these products.

What Does This Mean for Consumers?

The rebranding to HiKOKI has not altered the core essence of what made Hitachi power tools popular among professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The same tried and true models with a reputation for durability and efficiency continue under the HiKOKI brand. This transition brings together the legacy of Hitachi’s engineering excellence with the fresh vision and innovation embodied in HiKOKI.

For consumers, this means access to a wide range of high-quality power tools that are versatile and adaptable to various needs, supported by a history of excellence in tool manufacturing. Whether it's the HiKOKI or Hitachi label on the tool, customers can rest assured of the product's reliability and performance.

Looking Ahead

As HiKOKI continues to grow and expand its product range, it carries forward the legacy of Hitachi's innovation and quality. This evolution presents an exciting future for power tools, blending traditional expertise with modern technology and design. For users worldwide, this translates into power tools that are not only highly functional but also embody the latest in tool innovation.

In conclusion, while HiKOKI and Hitachi might appear different at first glance, they are essentially the same in terms of product quality and legacy. The rebranding to HiKOKI marks a new chapter in the company's history, promising to deliver power tools that meet and exceed the evolving demands of its global customer base.

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