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Is Metabo and HiKOKI the Same Brand? - Understanding the Power Tool Giants

Is Metabo and HiKOKI the Same Brand? - Understanding the Power Tool Giants

In the world of power tools, brand names like Metabo and HiKOKI often spark interest and curiosity among consumers and professionals alike. A common question arises: Are Metabo and HiKOKI the same brand? Let's delve into the details to clarify this query.

The Ownership and Brand Distinction

  1. Parent Company Ownership: Metabo and HiKOKI are indeed owned by the same parent company, Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. This conglomerate also owns other brands such as Metabo HPT, CARAT, and Sankyo Diamond. Despite being under the same corporate umbrella, Metabo and HiKOKI operate as distinct brands, each with its unique product lines and market strategies​.

  2. Acquisition and Rebranding History: The pathway to this ownership structure began with significant corporate moves. In 2017, KKR, a private equity firm, acquired Hitachi Koki. Subsequently, this led to the rebranding of Hitachi's power tool division to Metabo HPT in North America and HiKOKI in other global markets. Despite the rebranding, the essence and product lines of the original Hitachi brand were maintained within these new identities​.

  3. Metabo and Metabo HPT Merger: Adding to the complexity, in 2022, Metabo and Metabo HPT merged in North America, further expanding the reach and product offerings of Koki Holdings in the power tool market. This merger emphasized the commitment to providing a wide range of high-performance tools under various brand names​.

What Does This Mean for Consumers?

Understanding that Metabo and HiKOKI are different brands under the same parent company is crucial for consumers. While there may be shared technology and innovation due to their common ownership, the tools themselves are distinct. This means that when selecting a power tool, customers should consider each brand's specific offerings and how they align with their needs.

For instance, HiKOKI, with its roots in the Hitachi legacy, continues to offer a range of power tools known for their reliability and innovation. On the other hand, Metabo, renowned for its robust and professional-grade tools, caters to a different segment of the market.


In conclusion, while Metabo and HiKOKI share a parent company, they are distinct brands with unique product offerings and market focuses. For consumers and professionals in the power tool domain, this distinction is important to recognize when making informed decisions about tool purchases. Each brand brings its strengths and specialties to the table, underlined by a shared commitment to quality and innovation.

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